What We Value

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What We Value


Concrete. Steel. Wood. Most basic building materials are commodities.

Builders are not.

Unlike commodities, builders aren’t all the same. They aren’t interchangeable. Some are more competent. Some are more honest. Some manage better. Plan better. Communicate better. Some care more. The differences reveal themselves in all kinds of concrete ways—the efficiency of meetings, the cleanliness of job sites, the promptness of responses, the consideration afforded critical decisions.

These differences and others are ultimately driven by core values. How does the organization define itself? What principles inform its day-to-day operations and also guide it through changes?

Comar Castle believes in a few simple concepts.

Honest effort. You get what you give. Not always immediately, but in the long run.

Accountability. What we say matters. What we do matters more.

Partnership. Nobody wins unless everybody wins. Clients. Subcontractors. Designers. Employees. Everybody.

Of course, unless you've worked with us, these are just words. You can't know if we mean them until we've proven we do.

We will.