Single Family

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Single Family Homes


Who is our client?

A development company creating a new community with hundreds or even thousands of units? An individual building a single home?

These are two different clients and they have different needs.

The developer aims to make a great product he can sell for a fair profit. He needs a construction partner who can manage scale. One who keeps costs down and quality up. One who uses the right technology for the job. One with a large base of high-quality subcontractors. And—maybe most importantly—one who appreciates that the product needs to reach the market while the market still exists.

The individual, on the other hand, isn’t making a product. She’s making a home. The retirement place she’s dreamed of for years. Or the place she and her husband will raise their kids. Cost control is as important as ever, but she wants a builder who understands not only how to build the house, but also how the house will become a home.

Comar Castle has the experience and the resources to help both clients reach their goals. We have built for developers and we have built for individual home-owners.

Because we know the difference, you’ll feel a difference.