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One of the first questions to ask with regard to condominium construction is “Who is the client?” A developer or a condominium board? While the interests of both overlap in many areas, there are differences that should be taken into consideration when planning construction. Developers want to create a product that will be met with demand and which will sell for a profit in the market. Boards want to maintain and improve their homes and the homes of the people they represent. Developers make decisions based on market research and past experience. Boards make decisions based on known building needs and input from fellow residents. Developers are accountable to lenders and other investors. Boards are accountable to their constituents.

Because of these and other differences, the best way to manage construction for a developer may not be the best way to manage it for a board—even if the work itself is exactly the same. Comar Castle has experience with boards and developers and will approach the project from the very beginning asking not just what is the best way to do this work, but what is the best way to do this work for this client.


Comar Castle can handle any type of condominium work

Ground-up construction


Concrete restoration

Balcony repair and replacement

Window and sliding glass door replacement

Life safety system installation and repair

Swimming pool repair and installation