Commercial Kitchens

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Commercial Kitchens


If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that cooking for a living is hard work. Good kitchen design can make it easier.

While it’s certainly possible to design a solid, general-purpose commercial kitchen, the best kitchens are tailored to a particular purpose. An off-site, high-volume food prep facility has different needs than a hotel with 24-hour room service. A restaurant with an exotic menu is not likely to function as efficiently as it otherwise would if it’s using a kitchen designed for a university dining hall. In all these cases, the number and location of cooking stations will be different. The equipment will be different. Even the traffic flow will be different. From storage to prep to plating, it all matters in a kitchen operating at peak capacity. 

Whatever you’re making—cupcakes or sushi—we have the experience to not only manage the health and safety requirements and build to the highest standards of quality, but also to provide design feedback before and during construction.

And for what it’s worth, we like good food.