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Nightclubs and bars are playgrounds for adults. People go for the experience. For the atmosphere. The novelty. They go because that’s where the other kids are (or aren’t).

As a proprietor, you know that. You also know that as much as going to a nightclub or a bar is fun and relaxing, owning one is serious business. Your contractor should know it, too.

At Comar Castle, we understand that creating the right environment can be the difference between success and failure. Between just another place and the place. 

Whether you own or imagine a quiet neighborhood pub, a happening piano bar or a senses-rattling nightclub, Comar Castle can build it.  We have the experience you need when it comes to working with sound and lighting designers and beverage consultants. We understand that a place can feel completely different during the day than it does when the sun goes down. And that it should look great all the time.

More than anything, we understand that our job is to help you make your place just as good at turning profits as it is at turning heads.